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Memory recovery of childhood sexual abuse (1996) pdf
Albach, Francine; Moormann, Peter Paul; Bermond, Bob
Self-Inflicted Violence: Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves
Alderman, Tracy Ph.D.
Treatment of Child Neglect: A Systematic Review (2005) pdf
Allin, Heather BSc, C Nadine Wathen, PhD, Harriet MacMillan, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Symptomatic Clients and Memories of Childhood Abuse: What the Trauma and Child Sexual Abuse literature tells us pdf
Alpert, Judith L. , Laura S. Brown, Christine A. Courtois
Traumatic Impact Predicts Long-Term Memory for Documented Child Sexual Abuse pdf
Alexander, Kristen Weede , Jodi A. Quas, Gail S. Goodman, Simona Ghetti, Robin S. Edelstein, Allison D. Redlich, Ingrid M. Cordon, and David P.H. Jones
Childhood Abuse, Household Dysfunction, and Indicators of Impaired Adult Worker Performance (2004) pdf
Anda, Robert F, MD, MS; Vladimir I Fleisher, MD, PhD; Vincent J Felitti, MD, FACP Valerie J Edwards, PhD; Charles L Whitfield, MD Shanta R Dube, MPH; David F Williamson, MS, PhD
Abused Boys, Battered Mothers, and Male Involvement in Teen Pregnancy   (2001)
Anda, Robert F. MD, MS, Vincent J. Felitti, MD, FACP, Daniel P. Chapman, PhD, MSc, Janet B. Croft, PhD, David F. Williamson, MS, PhD, John Santelli, MD, Patricia M. Dietz, DrPH, MPH, and James S. Marks, MD, MPH
Childhood Trauma and Dissociation in Adulthood(1999)
Apgar, Barbara
Relationships Between Childhood Maltreatment, Adult Health and Psychiatric Outcomes, and Medical Utilization (2004) pdf
Arnow, Bruce A. Ph.D.
Research participants telling the truth about their lives: the ethics of asking and not asking about abuse. (2006) pdf
Becker-Blease, K.A. & Freyd, J.J.
nl Hulpverlening aan jongens als slachtoffer van seksueel misbruik (1992) 
Beelen, Joop, Ron van Outsem, Jan Willem de Goey
Children face same social problems as they did 100 years ago (2005) pdf
Bernardo's Rapport
Pediatric Understanding of Child Abuse and Neglect (1981)
Bittner, Stephen MD and Eli H. Newberger, MD
The grief that dare not speak it's name: Dealing with the ravages of childhood abuse - Part I - Part II - Part III (2000) pdf
Bloom, Sandra L. M.D.
Psychodynamics of Preventing Child Abuse (1993) pdf
Bloom, Sandra L. M.D.
Sexual Abuse: Surviving the pain (1998) 
Bogorad, Barbara E. Psy.D.; A.B.P.P.
Interdisciplinary Group Process in the Hospital Management of Child Abuse and Neglect(1980) 
Bourne, Richard J.D., PH.D., Eli H. Newberger, M.D.
Delayed memories of child abuse: part I: an overview of research findings on forgetting, remembering, and corroborating trauma(1996) pdf
Bowman, Elizabeth S.
Delayed memories of child abuse: part II: an overview of research findings relevant to understanding their reliability and suggestibility(1996) pdf
Bowman, Elizabeth S.
Conversion Disorder in Childhood (2002) pdf
Brašiæ, James R.
Long-Term effects of Childhood Abuse on brain and neurobiology (2003) pdf
Bremner, J. DouglasM.D.
Clinical, Legal and Scientific Issues Related to Delayed Recall of Childhood Abuse (2003) pdf
Bremner, J. DouglasM.D.
Development and preliminary psychometric properties of an instrument for the measurement of childhood trauma: the Early Trauma Inventory (2000) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Vermetten, Eric; Mazure, Carolyn M
Prevalence and symptomatic sequelae of self-reported childhood physical and sexual abuse in a general population sample of men and women. (2003) pdf
Briere, J., & Elliott, D.M.
Treating adult survivors of severe childhood abuse and neglect: Further development of an integrative model (2002) pdf
Briere, John Ph.D.
The Trauma Symptom Checklist for Young Children (TSCYC): Reliability and association with abuse exposure in a multi-site study. (2001) pdf
Briere, J., Johnson, K., Bissada, A., Damon, L., Crouch, J., Gil, E., Hanson, R., & Ernst, V.
Psychological assessment of interpersonal victimization effects in adults and children. (1997) pdf
Briere, J., & Elliott, D.M.
Immediate and Long-Term Impacts of Child Sexual Abuse(1994) pdf
Briere, John Ph.D., Diana M. Elliott
Methodological issues in the study of sexual abuse effects. (1992) pdf
Briere, J.
The Legacy of Childhood Trauma: The Effect of Adult Attachment and Cognitive Distortion on Psychological Adjustment. (2003) doc
Browne, Caroline and Cecelia Winkelman,
Abuse and Fibromyalgia
Burckhardt, Dr. Carol
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Feiten over Seksueel Geweld pdf
Let's have an honest fight against child sex abuse. (2005) pdf
Cheit, R.E. & Freyd, J.J.
The Limitations of a Prospective Study of Memories for Child Sexual Abuse (2003) pdf
Cheit, Ross E.
Gonorrhea in Prepubertal Children (1998)
Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect
Complex Trauma in Children and Adolescents (2005) pdf
Cook, Spinazzola, Ford, Lanktree, Blaustein, Cloitre, DeRosa, Hubbard, Kagan, Mallah, Olafson, van der Kolk
What influences believing abuse reports? The roles of depicted memory persistence, participant gender, trauma history, and sexism. (2007) pdf new
Cromer, L.D. & Freyd, J.J.
Measuring Child Abuse and Neglect: A Review of Methods (1998) pdf
Curtis, Richard W. , Robert H. Langworthy, Allan R. Barnes, Peter Crum
nl Incest: Mythe en Realiteit: Een Psychodynamische Exploratie
Dehing, Dr. Jef
A new diagnosis for childhood trauma? (2007) new
DeAngelis, Tori
Health-related quality of life and symptom profiles of female survivors of sexual abuse (1999) pdf
Dickinson, L. M., deGruy, F. V. 3rd, Dickinson, W. P., & Candib, L. M.
Recovery for the Male Sexual Abuse Survivor: Critical Steps in the Healing Process
Dimock, Peter , L.I.C.S.W.
Sexual Abuse of Children (2001)
Dominguez, Renee Z. Ph.D., Connie F. Nelke, Ph.D., Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
Insights Into Causal Pathways for Ischemic Heart Disease. (ACE) Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (2004)
Dong, Maxia , MD, PhD; Wayne H. Giles, MD, MS; Vincent J. Felitti, MD; Shanta R. Dube, MPH; Janice E. Williams, PhD; Daniel P. Chapman, PhD; Robert F. Anda, MD, MS
Childhood Abuse, Neglect, and Household Dysfunction and the Risk of Illicit Drug Use: The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (2003)
Dube, Shanta R. MPH, Vincent J. Felitti, MD, Maxia Dong, MD, PhD, Daniel P. Chapman, PhD, Wayne H. Giles, MD and Robert F. Anda, MD
Sequelae of reporting child abuse (1986)
Dubowitz, Howard MD, Eli Newberger, MD
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The Relation Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Health: Turning Gold into Lead (2002) pdf
Felitti, Vincent J MD
Long-Term Follow-Up and Analysis of More Than 100 Patients Who Each Lost More Than 100 Pounds (1991)
Felitti, Vincent J MD, Seleda A. Williams, MD, MPH
Child sexual abuse: Offenders, disclosure, and school-based initiatives - Statistical Data Included (2002)
Fieldman, Jonathan P. , Tony D. Crespi
The Decline in Child Sexual Abuse Cases (2001)
Finkelhor, David and Lisa Jones
Current Information on the Scope and Nature of Child Sexual Abuse(1994) pdf
Finkelhor, David
Creating coherence out of chaos? Children’s narratives of emotionally positive and negative events  (2000) pdf
Fivush, Robyn Ph.D.; Ann Hazzard; Jessica McDermott; Sales Deborah Sarfati; Trina Brown
Earlychildhood trauma and disorders of extreme stress as predictors of treatment outcome with chronic posttraumatic stress disorder (1998) pdf
Ford, Julian D; Kidd, Phyllis Turner
Power, Patriarchy and Sexual Abuse in the Christian Church (2002) pdf
Franz, Thaeda
The Science of Child Sexual Abuse  (2005)
Freyd, Jennifer J. Frank W. Putnam, Thomas D. Lyon, Kathryn A. Becker-Blease, Ross E. Cheit, Nancy B. Siegel, Kathy Pezdek
The problem of child sex abuse [Response to letters]. (2005)
Freyd, J.J., Putnam, F.W., Lyon, T.D., Becker-Blease, K. A., Cheit, R.E., Siegel, N.B., & Pezdek, K.
Memory for Abuse: What can we learn from a Prosecution Sample? (2003) pdf
Jennifer J. Freyd
Betrayal trauma: Traumatic amnesia as an adaptive response to childhood abuse (1994) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J.
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The Root of Child Abuse: Anger (1998) 
Gaynor, Harry J. Ph.D.
The Effects of Early Prevention Programs for Families With Young Children At Risk for Physical Child Abuse and Neglect: A Meta-Analysis (2004) pdf
Geeraert, Liesl; Wim Van den Noortgate, Hans Grietens, Patrick Onghena
Effects of emotional abuse in family and work environments; Awareness for emotional abuse.  (2005)pdf
Goldsmith, R. & Freyd, J.J.
Sadistic abuse: definition, recognition, and treatment   (1993) pdf
Goodwin, Jean
fr Consequences a long terme des traumatismes de l'enfance 
Green, Maurice (Trad.: Isabelle Bouguennec)
Living on the Edge People who self mutilate
Green, Joy
Trauma-informed treatment for damaged adopted children: A comprehensive approach
Greenwald, Ricky Psy.D.
Child Trauma Measures for Research and Practice (1999)
Greenwald, Ricky Psy.D.
A Gale Force Wind: Meaning Making by Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (2006) pdf
Grossman, Sorsoli, Kia-Keating
Correlates of Adolescent Reports of Sexual Assault: Findings From the National Survey of Adolescents (2003) pdf
Hanson, Rochelle F., Lisha W. Kievit, Benjamin E. Saunders, Daniel W. Smith, Dean G. Kilpatrick, Heidi S. Resnick, Kenneth J. Ruggiero
Recognizing and Treating Uncommon Behavioral and Emotional Disorders in Children and Adolescents Who Have Been Severely Maltreated: Somatization and Other Somatoform Disorders (2004) pdf
Haugaard, Jeffrey J.
Pituitary-Adrenal and Autonomic Responses to Stress in Women After Sexual and Physical Abuse in Childhood   (2000)
Heim, Christine PhD; D. Jeffrey Newport, MD; Stacey Heit, MD; Yolanda P. Graham, MD; Molly Wilcox, BA; Robert Bonsall, PhD; Andrew H. Miller, MD; Charles B. Nemeroff, MD, PhD
Inside Pandora’s Box: Healing the Connection Between Victimization and Perpetration   (2003) pdf
Henry, Susan
The association between adverse childhood experiences and adolescent pregnancy, long-term psychosocial consequences, and fetal death   (2004)
Hillis, Susan D., Robert F. Anda, Shanta R. Dube, Vincent J. Felitti, Polly A. Marchbanks, James S. Marks
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Sexual Risk Behaviors in Women: A Retrospective Cohort Study   (2001)
Hillis, Susan D., Robert F. Anda, Vincent J. Felitti and Polly A. Marchbanks
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil: Why do relatively few male victims of childhood sexual abuse receive for help for abuse-related issues in adulthood? (1997) pdf
Holmes, G.R., Offen, L., Waller, G.
Sexual Abuse of Males: Prevalence, possible lasting effects and resources (2003) 
Hopper, Jim Ph.D.
Child Abuse; Statistics, Research and Resources  
Hopper, Jim Ph.D.
de Die Folgen traumatischer Kindheitserfahrungen für die weitere Hirnentwicklung (2002)
Hüther, Gerald
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Understanding the Effects of Maltreatment on Early Brain Development pdf
In Focus (National Clearinghouse on Childabuse and Neglect Information)
Het begrijpen van effecten van mishandeling op de vroege ontwikkeling van hersenen
In Focus: vertaling E.van Weringh
Childhood Trauma Remembered A Report on the Current Scientific Knowledge Base and its Applications pdf
Intelligence and achievement of children referred following sexual abuse (2004) pdf
DA Jones, P Trudinger and M Crawford
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Chronic Pain: The Next Frontier in Child Maltreatment Research pdf
Kendall-Tackett, Kathleen Ph.D.
Physiological Correlates of Childhood Abuse: Chronic Hyperarousal in PTSD, Depression and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (2000) pdf
Kendall-Tackett, Kathleen Ph.D.
Containing and Resisting Masculinity: Narratives of Renegotiation Among Resilient Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (2005) pdf
Kia-Keating, Grossman, Sorsoli, Epstein
nl Kindermishandeling. Inaugurale rede (2006) pdf
Lamers-Winkelman, Prof. Dr. F.
Long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse: objective and subjective characteristics of the abuse and psychopathology in later life (1999) pdf
Lange Prof. Alfred , Edwin de Beurs, Conor Dolan, Tanja Lachnit, Sandra Sjollema and Gerrit Hanewald
The Association between Childhood Sexual Abuse History and Adverse Psychosocial Outcomes - Nonclinical studies using rigorous designs that have examined the relationship between child sexual abuse and psychological harm, after controlling for Social Environment
The Leadership Council
Understanding Childhood Trauma (1996)
Levine, Peter Ph.D
nl Het erkende lichaam; Over lichaamsgerichte therapie voor jongens en mannen die seksueel misbruikt zijn (2002) pdf
Linden, Peter van der e.a. (Transact)
The psychological impact of sexual abuse: Content analysis of interviews with male survivors (1994) pdf
Lisak, D.
Childhood Trauma, CRF Hypersecretion and Depression  (1999)
Lott, Deborah
Impact of childhood abuse on adult psychopathology: a case report  (1996) pdf
Lubin, Hadar; Johnson, David Read; Southwick, Steven M.
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Physical Abuse of Children (2001)
Mann, David PhD, Ann Palker Corell, MA, Christine Ludy-Dobson, PhD, and Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD
Childhood forcible sexual abuse and victim-perpetrator relationship among a sample of secondary school students in the northern province (South Africa) pdf
Madu, Dr. S.N.
Childhood sexual abuse and pathogenic parenting in the childhood recollections of adult twin pairs  (2000) pdf
T. L. McLaughlin, A. C. Heath, K. K. Bucholz, P. A. F. Madden, L. J. Bierut, W. S. Slutske, S. Dinwiddie, D. J. Statham, M. P. Dunne and N. G. Martin
Childhood Trauma  (1998) 
Miller, Alice Ph.D.
Enhancing the Healthcare Experiences of Adult Female Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (2000)  pdf
Monahan, Kathleen DSW, BCD; Carol Forgash, CSW, BCD
An Examination Of Women's Health Care Utilization Among Women Who Have Been Sexually Abused (2000)
Munkirs, Dana S. , Michael S. McLaughlin, Susan M. Orsillo, Brian P. Marx
Male Sexual Abuse Victims of Female Perpetrators: Society's Betrayal of Boys  (2002) 
Munro, Kali M.Ed.
Male-to-Male Child Sexual Abuse In the Context of Homophobia  (2000) 
Munro, Kali M.Ed.
The Treatment Needs of Sexually Abused Men  (2000) 
Munro, Kali M.Ed.
Child Maltreatment: What We Know in the Year 2000 (2000)
MacMillan, Harriet L MD, MSc, FRCPC
Associations between childhood abuse and personality disorder symptoms in college males (1999) pdf
Miller, Paul M; Lisak, David
Relationship Between Dissociation, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Childhood Physical Abuse, and Mental Illness in a General Population Sample
Mulder, Roger T. MB, ChB, FRANZCP, Annette L. Beautrais, PhD, Peter R. Joyce, MB, ChB, PhD, FRANZCP, David M. Fergusson
The Relationship Between Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders  
Myers, Dawn
nl Mishandeling en seksueel geweld Deskundigheidsbevordering voor huisartsen (1998)
Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap
Child Physical Abuse (1993)
Newberger, Eli H. M.D
Pediatric Interview Assessment of Child Abuse; Challenges and Opportunities (1990)
Newberger, Eli H. M.D
The Medicalization and Legalization of Child Abuse (1978)
Newberger, Eli H. M.D, and Richard Bourne, Ph.D., J.D.
A Physician's Perspective on the Interdisciplinary Management of Child Abuse (1976)
Newberger, Eli H. M.D
Reducing the Literal and Human Cost of Child Abuse: Impact of a New Hospital Management System (1973)
Newberger, Eli H. M.D., John J. Hagenbuch, A.C.S.W., Nancy B. Ebeling, A.C.S.W., Elizabeth Pivchik Colligan, A.C.S.W., Jane S. Sheehan, R.N., and Susan H. McVeigh, B.A.
nl Handboek Psychotherapie na Seksueel Misbruik, Introductie, hfdst. 1 (2003) pdf
Nicolai, N.J. Dr.
nl ‘De dader zit van binnen’ over verinnerlijkte daders en slachtoffers (2000) pdf
Nicolai, N.J. Dr.
nl Met een scheermesje in je armen snijden. Waarom vrouwen zichzelf verwonden pdf
Nicolai, N.J. Dr.
nl De psychische gevolgen van seksueel misbruik.Het perspectief van macht en machtsmisbruik (1998) pdf
Nicolai, N.J. Dr.
nl Seksueel misbruik en overlevingsstrategieën (1998) pdf
Nicolai, N.J. Dr.
nl Isolement na seksueel misbruik (1998) pdf
Nicolai, N.J. Dr.
nl Geen woorden, maar daden. Over het schuldige lichaam. (1997) pdf
Nicolai, N.J. Dr.
nl Seksueel misbruik en psychiatrische stoornissen (1990) pdf
Nicolai, N.J. Dr.
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Developing more of the picture: Assessing the impact of sexual assault from a developmental perspective. (1999) doc
O'Leary, Timothy
Factors influencing children to self-disclose sexual abuse (2000) pdf
Paine, Mary L.; David J. Hansen
A Narrative-Developmental Approach to Early Emotions (2001)
Pantoja, Andréa P.F.
A Meta-Analysis of the Published Research on the Effects of Child Sexual Abuse (2001)
Paolucci, Oddone; Elizabeth; Mark. L. Genius; Cladio Violato
Childhood and Adult Victimization; Living in the Aftermath of Transgression and Quest for Restoration of the Self
Parson, Erwin R. , Ph.D., A.B.P.P.; Dawn M. Brett, Ph.D.; Alan S. Brett, M.A
Childhood Experience and the Expression of Genetic Potential: What Childhood Neglect Tells Us About Nature and Nurture (2002) pdf
Perry, Bruce D., M.D. Ph.D.
The Child’s Loss: Death, Grief and Mourning (2002) pdf
Perry, Bruce D., M.D. Ph.D.
Sexual Abuse of Infants A five-part question focusing on sexual abuse during infancy (2002) pdf
Perry, Bruce D., M.D. Ph.D., Ph.D., Thomas S. Prof.
Neglect in Childhood (2002)
Perry, Bruce D., M.D. Ph.D., Ph.D., Kevin Colwell, M.A., Stephanie Schick, M.Ed.
TheVortex of Violence: How Children Adapt and Survive in a Violent World (2002)
Perry, Bruce D., M.D. Ph.D.
Violence and Childhood: How Persisting Fear Can Alter the Developing Child’s Brain (2001)
Perry, Bruce D., M.D. Ph.D.
How Childhood Trauma Influences Brain Development (2000)
Perry, Bruce D., M.D. Ph.D.
The Neuroarcheology of Childhood Maltreatment (2000)
Perry, Bruce D., M.D. Ph.D.
Homeostasis, Stress, Trauma and Adaptation: A Neurodevelopmental View of Childhood Trauma (1998)
Perry, Bruce D., M.D. Ph.D., and Ronnie Pollard, M.D.
The Effects of Art on the Brain of an Underprivileged Child (2000)
Pili, Christina
Child Abuse in America: Slaughter of the Innocence  (1977)
Prescott, James W. Ph.D.
Childhood Sexual Abuse and the Potential Impact on Maternity  (2002)
Prescott, Andrya
Evaluation of Physical Abuse in Children
Pressel, David M. MD. PhD
Somatic and psychological problems in a cohort of sexually abused boys: a six year follow up case-control study (2002)
Price, L; A Maddocks, S Davies and L Griffiths
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Hallucinations, Delusions, and Thought Disorder Among Adult Psychiatric Inpatients With a History of Child Abuse (1999)
Read, John Ph.D. and Nick Argyle, M.R.C.Psych., F.R.A.N.Z.C.P.
Childhood Abuse in Patients With Conversion Disorder (2002)
Roelofs, Karin Ph.D., Ger P.J. Keijsers, Ph.D., Kees A.L. Hoogduin, M.D., Ph.D., Gérard W.B. Näring, Ph.D., and Franny C. Moene, Ph.D.
Psychological Defense Styles in Women Who Report Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Controlled Community Study (1999)
Romans, Sarah E. , M.D., F.R.A.N.Z.C.P., Judy L. Martin, M.A., Eleanor Morris, B.A. and G. Peter Herbison, M.Sc.
The relation of child sexual abuse and depression in young women: comparisons across four ethnic groups (1999)
Roosa, Mark W.; Cindy Reinholtz, Patti Jo Angelini
Compassion vs Control: Conceptual and Practical Pitfalls in the Broadened Definition of Child Abuse (1977)
Rosenfeld, Alvin A. MD, Eli H. Newberger, MD
Teenage Pregnancy and Associated Risk Behaviors Among Sexually Abused Adolescents (2004)
Saewyc, Elizabeth M.; Lara Leanne Magee and Sandra E. Pettingell
Childhood Sexual Abuse and Its Effects On Childbirth
Spindler, Regine
Child Complex Trauma in Toddlers and School-Aged Children, National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Association (2005) pdf
Stubblefield-Tave, Janice
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Convention of the Rights of a Child
Memories of sexual abuse: Janet's critique of Freud, a balanced approach.  (1998) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno PhD and Paul Brown, MD
Contemporary Interest in Multiple Personality Disorder and Child Abuse in the Netherlands (1990) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno, Suzette Boon
Child abuse and victimization (2005) pdf
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D.
Developmental trauma disorder: Towards a rational diagnosis for children with complex trauma histories. (2005) pdf
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D.
The neurobiology of childhood trauma and abuse (2003) pdf
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D.
Developmental Trauma Disorder. A new, rational diagnosis for children with complex trauma histories pdf
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D.
Resiliency Factors in the Relation Between Childhood Sexual Abuse and Adulthood Sexual Assault in College-Age Women (2007) pdf new
Walsh, K., Blaustein, M., Grant Knight, W., van der Kolk, B.A.
The adverse health and social outcomes of sexual coercion: Experiences of young women in developing countries (2004) pdf
Sexual Coercion: Young men's experiences as victims and perpetrators (2003) pdf
An investigation of trauma-centered inpatient treatment for adult survivors of abuse (2003) pdf
Wright, David C.; Wendi L. Woo, Robert T. Muller,Cheryl B. Fernandes, Erin R. Kraftcheck
Does a History of Childhood Sexual Abuse Affect Sexual Outcomes in Breast Cancer Survivors? (2005)
Wyatt, Gail E.; Tamra Burns Loeb, Katherine A. Desmond, Patricia A. Ganz
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Evaluating the Impact of Betrayal for Children Exposed in Photographs (2003) pdf
Zurbriggen, E.L., Pearce, G.E. & Freyd, J.J.
The link between childhood sexual abuse and risky sexual behavior: The role of dissociative tendencies, information-processing effects, and consensual sex decision mechanisms. (2004) pdf
Zurbriggen, E.L. & Freyd, J.J.
Predicting Memory for Childhood Sexual Abuse: “Non-Significant” Findings with the Potential for Significant Harm (2003) pdf
Zurbriggen, Eileen L. and Kathryn Becker-Blease